SATURDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2015 OPEN SHOW Judge: Linda Mc Gregor (Merlindan) Thud and Cuddle's I Feel Good In Action: 1er maiden class dog, sélectionné sur 5 chiens pour le meilleur mouvement Thud and Cuddle's Head Over Heels: 2ieme Novice dog, sélectionné pour le meilleur chien de couleur Ragnarok English Rose: N.C. Ch. Thud and Cuddle's Glory Colorature: 4ième Open bitch, meilleure chienne de couleur. SUNDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2015 Un grand jour pour l’élevage Français, un grand bravo à Pieter KRIKKEN et THUD & CUDDLES HEAD OVER HEELS !!! INTERNATIONAL TROPHY SHOW 2015 : BEST IN SHOW THUD AND CUDDLES HEAD OVER HEELS !!! It was an honour and a privilege to Judge The International Trophy with my co-judge Mr Jimmy Henderson. We were in complete agreement throughout. The winner of The International Trophy was THUD AND CUDDLES HEAD OVER HEELS from France. A powerful big, tall upstanding red with a beautiful head completely filled and turned and a perfect mouth. He has a lovely long neck leading into a ramrod straight front with lovely bone. He had a nice shapely body with lovely quarters. He moved and showed well. A dog with great quality. My thanks to all the exhibitors who entered The International Trophy. Jo Hylands (Judge) What a privilege for me to be invited by the Bull Terrier Club Committee to judge their International Trophy, how fortunate for me my co-judge was Mrs Jo Hylands, the trophy winner was THUD AND CUDDLES HEAD OVER HEELS very substantial heavily boned red dog, dead straight front, cat like feet strong neck great head with fill and turn correct mouth, broad deep chest, strong trunk good shapely quarters moved well all the time for his confident handler overall picture was one of power and class Congratulations to the Committee who worked tirelessly to produce another fantastic successful trophy show. Jim Henderson (Brobar)