The Thud and Cuddle website is devoted to the bull terrier breed.

Since, I live Bull Terrier and dream bull terrier

In 1994 after several years reflexion I bought a bitch called “LISA”

At that time I would never have thought that someday I would breed…I have fabulous memories of riding through Toulouse on a scooter with her, she had her ears in the wind and we had tremendous success !

She used to put her feet up on the handlebars , she wore sunglasses and was the town center mascott !

Then in 1998 I was lucky to purchase another dog called “One Off Little Niak” who had a great show career and became International Champion and French Champion in 2001

In the mean time, thanks to the proximity of other countries and my Bully travels specially in Italy during the World Show I met quite a few people and naturally a few new dogs came to squat our sofa.

At that time I was definitively bitten by the “show bug”, taken over by breeding better Bull Terriers and therefore created my Affix :”THUD&CUDDLES”in 1999.

Today our family has grown and during these years I was lucky to meet many devoted dog people who have always helped me and given me precious advice,amongst them I wish to thank my friend Eric CORBINUS who used to be my Handler, the CHAMPERNOUNE team, and many others …

My wife Annick,my son Sacha and our successor Anthonin live on a lovely 1 Hectare property at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains,a true haven of peace were bull terriers rule!!!

Elevage Bull Terrier